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In an ambitious effort to revive the barren wastelands, Mechanicals have begun planting experimental farms far from the safety of Org Valley. The worker bots stay busy as they manage the planting, irrigating, and harvesting of these little farms. To complicate matters, they also must build electromagnetic walls to zap the insect drones bent on ruining all living things.

Sure, this is a fun game, but we have to be honest: you will know how to add up a shape's perimeter and figure the area of a circle when you're done. You'll also become an expert at finding missing angles while learning the names of all sorts of polygons.

Perimeter Defense is a winner of the 2010 Games for Learning competition, sponsored by NYU, Microsoft, and Motorola.

in production...

Warmonger drones have been sent to destroy the Mechanicals’ solar and geothermal power stations. Unable to get to Mechanical City, the workers have had to refit their own maintenance bots with defensive weapons, programming them to keep those power stations safe.

Proto Defense will teach you the basic concepts of programming, which is a highly creative and complex problem-solving process. In fact, the principles that you learn in this game will prepare you for actual, real-world coding. We will even give you a study guide and tools so you can transition to coding in other languages like Flash or Unity3D.

Proto Defense is our first fully 3D game and will be playable online as well as on the iPad and other tablets.

in planning...

Few animals remain on planet Mechanika, so Project Habitat has been established to discover how to help those species thrive again. Through careful research and testing, Mechanicals try to balance these animals' nutrition, environment, and recreation in hopes of increasing their vitality and chances for survival.

Project Habitat will focus on the sciences. You will learn everything you need to know to keep your animals happy and healthy. These processes are similar to those in the real world and will even apply to your own health! You will also be able to explore genetic engineering and modification…but it's probably best to experiment with those ideas only in the game!