The Purpose of Mechanicals

We live in a world where knowledge is fluid, technology advances each day, and textbooks are outdated by the time they are published. If there is one concept that we can instill in students to prepare them for the rapidly changing workforce, it’s this: a love of learning. We created Mechanicals for that purpose – to make lifelong learning fun and desirable.

Learning shouldn’t happen only in a structured classroom or be relegated to homework that is just tolerated before the “fun” part of the day begins. Rather, it should be integrated into the fabric of each student’s life. Successful teaching, therefore, involves tapping into the motivation of each child.

Games function as a primary motivator for children. Watch any group of children and you’ll see that the principal way they learn and apply knowledge is through play. We want to tap into that core human motivation and embrace it fully within the world of Mechanicals.

If you look at the current array of educational games, you will find that a lot of them are just homework with fancy skins. Kids can sense that and are able to clearly distinguish between the games that are merely disguised homework and the games that are fun. We are approaching educational games from an entirely new perspective. By fully embracing all facets of quality gaming, we ensure that students will have the same rich and enjoyable experience playing our educational games as they do when they play games made purely for fun.

In most video and computer games, players must master a concept before they can progress to the next level. We’re making that mastery meaningful within the real world by focusing on the areas of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). We will prepare students to be the creative innovators that are so desperately needed in those fields.

Join with us as we combine learning and play within the world of Mechanicals!


These videos inspire us in what we do.